Because we all like Rolia. 😊
Since 20 years ago, Rolia has been part of the life of many people. We get to know new friends here. We ask for suggestions when we encounter problems. We are eager to help others when they encounter problems too. We share our happiness. We get emotional support during our time of hardship. It has become a virtual community for us. However, we know that it's not really virtual. The Rolians who we chatted last night are really people. They may just live two blocks away. So at one point we wanted to meet in person. And yeah, it was right, they were exactly the same nice people, as nice as what they appeared online. Then when the new year came closer, we decided to have a gathering. We did. It was a big party! Everyone was happy. That was the end of 2001. Then the next new year came. This time we wanted to have a stage show. We did! That was the very first Rolia Gala, for the new year of 2003. It was amateur, but we did it from our heart, and everyone liked it! Then the Rolia Gala goes on and on. Up to now, we have done 17 Rolia Gala events! Regarding your questions... We volunteer for the Rolia Gala because we feel it's OUR event. We meet other fellow Rolians, work together to present a stage show for other Rolians, as a way to build our community. We build friendship through the process. For young people, they develop leadership skills. Welcome to join us! 😊 -sailor(Ocean & Mountain) 2019-12-15