J2ee is one of the easiest and hotest parts for non-IT people to learn and step into IT.
It's because it's too seasoned. So there're too many people crowed and make it a labor work somehow. Yes, you might argue with me that they're junior and cannot threaten a senior experienced guy. But in world of java, a senior only means someone step into it a few months or one year earlier. Any java detail technologies can be picked up in a few days or weeks since there're abundant training materials and forums. In a wide term, J2EE contains any java technologies we're using right now. In a narrow term, people often means EJB as they mentioned J2EE. EJB is a big component of java which requires a few weeks study(while some other java tech only needs a few hours to pick up) including getting handy with some development tools. If got a project to do and read through a few books, it's enogh for this guy to claim himself as "senior". Again, I did not find many permanent job positions for j2ee in canada. Because there're few software product companies. Most of the hirers are "users", such as banks. -victorzhou(patty) 2006-6-9