It is an offense but I don't care. Because I would not call myself a j2ee person. I got my pay by some other experiences,
which I called it "kernel business logic". The product has to use Java and C++, but the challenges are not on the language skills. I left the old company and found a new job in the same area. I realized that the language skills can only be a bonus. It's hard to convince employers to give you outstanding high salary by just showing "experience on programming languages". But if without language skills, it's a problem too. My old company hired a lot of $10/hour people, that's why I left. I don't think these people's work worth only $10/hour even they're not senior enough. I leave because I hate this culture of treating people. Fortunately, I found a company with opposite culture and higher income. Today I had a meeting with PM and VPs, there're violent discussion on 2 alternatives. If in the old company, they will build 2 teams to do both. If no resource, it will hire contractors to do detail work and let a veteran to guide them. My new company did not do so because it cannot find cheap resources as my old company does. -victorzhou(patty) 2006-6-9