Unionville house price increased 22% average over the past several year... but really what do u like?
We just bought a house at Bayview/Major Mac area. We gave up Unionville for several reasons... 1. only the area close to Unionville town cener (Toogood Pond) area is nice a lovely. People all like it. But how much do u plan to pay for it? 2. houses further away are cheaper but also not as good. Yet you still pay for the Unionville price. 3. We don't like to do too much DIY work at the beginning. 4. I don't like old house, ceiling too low, not enough light in the house 5. Bayview is convenient too, Richmond Hill is in the middle, take 404 to markham isn't too far. 6. Lots of chinese shops on 16th and Hwy7. -yiwenzhu(猪来啦。。。) 2007-6-5