Looking for Car Pool from Richmond to Colonnade. Can someone please do me the favour?
I am looking for a car pool from the Kristy’s Restaurant at 809 Richmond Road to any Route 3 bus stops in the morning from Monday to Friday. My work location is 177 Colonnade Road. Normally I start working at 8:30 but I am flexible in this regard. If you are interested in providing the rides please email me at kewei88@hotmail.com. I would be happy to contribute to gas. Many thanks. -cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2008-11-26
177 Colonnade Road, what do you do over there?
-luckygrass06(小草之俗尘清梦) 2008-11-26
Work as a servant. Do you happen to know of someone working there?
-cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2008-11-26
真不巧,我家领导以前在146 Colonnade上班.你怎么不早一点...
-thiamin(梅干菜烧肉) 2008-11-26
晕. 我是老牛拉破车好不容易赶上趟, 你又来笑话偶.
-cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2008-11-27
-cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2008-11-27
放狗搜了一下, 卡扑的网站还真不少.
-cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2008-11-27
http://erideshare.com/ -cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2008-11-27
这个ottawaridematch,com又臭又长, 让人找不着北.
https://www.ottawaridematch.com/Public/UserSignIn.aspx -cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2008-11-27