How to drive to Chicago. I am in Toronto. It's better to avoid toll road. How many km and how many hours needed? Thanks in advance.
-wynton(云中漫步) 2010-2-22
路线,google map 选择 avoid toll. you wll see km from there. 时间 6 -7 小时
-chenyu(我容易么我) 2010-3-2
Thanks. Driving directions to Chicago, IL, USA 826 km – about 8 hours 41 mins
-wynton(云中漫步) 2010-3-4
It is better not to avoid toll fee
My friend drives from Chicago to Toronto every weekend and I drive To Toronto every other weekend. If you pass the border quickly (means no long lines to wait), it takes about 8 hours from Toronto to Chicago. My suggestion is not to avoid toll way, it is very cheap here in USA. I use I-PASS so I don't know exact how much it costs, but I saw my friend paid it in cash, I think it is under $5 toll fee totally. -wuhongfa(Lazybones) 2010-5-12
Is it possible to carpool with you or your friend in late June?
-mildscent(淡淡薰香) 2010-6-1
-wynton(云中漫步) 2013-12-18