Senior Systems Designer内推
• Minimum 3-5 years of industrial automation experience including at least 2-3 years as system integrator • Hands-on experience with robot operation, end-to-end system calibration and testing • Strong expertise in gripper design, customization and integration • Proficiency with PLCs (Allen Bradley, Siemens, etc.) • Understanding of manufacturing, product development and quality control processes • Programming ability to integrate software and hardware (C/C++/C#, ROS, Python, Matlab, etc.) -will2km() 2020-12-21
-111111(快乐老家) 2020-12-21
-will2km() 2020-12-21
你要的是 engineer 还是 designer?
-troyd(Troy) 2021-1-4
-will2km() 2021-1-14
these are two separate roles. It is very rare you find someone with both capabilities. If the person already has both capabilities, the person is either working for him or her self, or being in managerial position by now.
-troyd(Troy) 2021-1-14
也许吧 :->
-will2km() 2021-1-16