Something about Burlington
有人介绍一下BURLINGTON的情况吗? 打算六月底搬到哪儿.我想知道租房(靠近QEW AND GULEPH LINE)和附近MIDDLE SCHOOL 的情况.有十一岁KID (GRADE 7) .谢谢! -luohanjian(luohanjian) 2009-4-8
Google "burlington post", this is a local paper. It may help.
-icemanforever(Icemanforever) 2009-4-9
Thanks a lot !
-luohanjian(luohanjian) 2009-4-9
-newlife1230(Jasmine) 2009-4-19
welcome to burlington,i am new to this city too.
-newlife1230(Jasmine) 2009-4-19
Do you live in Burlington right now ? if possible, could you please share some information ? Thanks!
-luohanjian(luohanjian) 2009-4-19
Let's have a gathering, what about @ Tansley Woods Library, on weekends?
-icemanforever(Icemanforever) 2009-4-22
Hi , buddy, I still live in Toronto. I am not availble on this weekend! Thanks for your suggestion!
-luohanjian(luohanjian) 2009-4-22
hi I live in Burlington and just in guleph line/QEW, and also have a boy 11yrs old . How come your son is grade 7, mine is only g5?
-rina006(qqlina) 2009-5-13
Hello, nice to meet you! So far, my daughter is in grade 6. In September, she will be in grade 7. I am still looking for an apartment. In July, we will move in Burlington. Keep in touch! Have a good day!
-luohanjian(luohanjian) 2009-5-14
There are a few apartments( big building) behind the Burlington Mall , and also some apartments (small building) around the library, maybe u can try , good luck!
-rina006(qqlina) 2009-5-14
Right now, I already lived in Burlington. Thank you for your guys information ! I hope we will keep in touch!
-luohanjian(luohanjian) 2009-6-30
Welcome to burlington, it is a decent city and the view is nice specially during summer.
-cnsgusa(()) 2009-7-1